Sitemap - 2022 - The Weekly Dystopia

What the timing of the George Santos story says about the declining media

Pre-holidays news roundup: Zelensky visits Washington & more

Three questions on the FBI role in Twitter's content moderation

Why Elon Musk's ban on journalists showed a lack of judgment

How a First Amendment lawsuit could unfold over the Twitter Files

Some thoughts on the unsurprising Twitter Files 2.0

While we wait on Bari Weiss for Twitter Files 2.0

When you need to fire the lawyer in your free speech case

A case for Elon Musk giving the Twitter Files a relaunch

'People want freedom from draconian lockdowns': expert on China protests

China's protesters can do without Dr. Fauci's COVID revisionism

Why there's reason to doubt Trump 'knew nothing' about Nick Fuentes

Why news of Twitter's death was greatly exaggerated

News roundup: China may be unifying issue for divided government & more

Same-sex marriage vote has feel of a Hallmark card and the value of one

Why one expert says the U.S. gov't has good reason to investigate Elon Musk

Republicans can blame Trump-backed candidate losses on party's institutional failures

America still lags behind the times in counting votes after Election Day. Speed it up.

Biden hints at support for investigating Elon Musk & more from news conference

J.D. Vance's win in Ohio was just declared. It could shake up U.S. support for Ukraine.

A (mostly) non-election news roundup: U.S. official spoke with Putin aides on nukes & more

Biden sounded a little too much like Bush in his plea democracy is at stake on Election Day

The tantrum over Elon Musk acquiring Twitter speaks volumes about contempt for free speech

News roundup: U.S. gov't and social media companies collaborate to stop 'disinformation'

Ketanji Brown Jackson makes institutionalist case in last stand for affirmative action

Paul Pelosi assault latest act of political violence in new norm for ailing society

What Elon Musk's critics on free speech can learn from the fallout over Ye's anti-Semitism

News roundup: Fetterman performance shows why we have debates in the first place

Why the Jan. 6 committee failed to convict Trump in the court of public opinion

Friday newsletter: SCOTUS won't intervene on student loan forgiveness, Kevin Spacey gets win in 'Me Too' case and more

Russia has friends in low places: Iran and Saudi Arabia lend aid to Ukraine invasion

Free speech has small victory as Paypal makes reversal on 'misinformation'

Transparency values of U.S., China on full display as Beijing hides GDP numbers

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