The world still needs the United States if other leading economies are going to delay needed military support.
Snub from heads of state, whatever the motivation, represents growing skepticism of globalized economy.
With a boost to production of semiconductors within the United States, new opportunities may open up to reinvigorate lagging industry.
If the new House Republican can't do something as procedural as elect as speaker, how can we expect them to pass a budget?

December 2022

News outlets should have been expected to comb through a congressional candidate's record prior to an election when it was actionable for voters.
Ukraine's president could be seen reaching out to skeptical conservatives with references to Iran and patriotism in his speech to Congress.
The latest iteration of the Twitter Files reveals the FBI had a systemic method of alerting the social media company to content deemed objectionable.
"Thou Shalt Not Surprise the Media," is a cardinal rule in communications that wasn't followed by Elon Musk's deplatforming of journalists on Twitter.
Legal experts have widely differing views on whether the Twitter Files reveals U.S. government acted unlawfully in coordinating with Twitter on content…
No one should be shocked a tech company where key staffers with ties to the Democratic Party would be undermining conservative voices.
The delay in the Twitter Files on the Hunter Biden story is revealed to have been an internal holdup. Here's details as we wait for more reporting on…
The attorney for 303 Creative was unable to articulate any limiting principle for a free-speech ruing in favor of turning away same-sex couples.